The Kunkel Banjo

Imagine having a banjo with all the volume and clarity of a 12 pound Mastertone style banjo, but weighs less than 6 lbs.

My all wood banjo is constructed more in the manner of a guitar than a traditional resonator banjo. The neck is attached to a thin outer rim, bolted through a headblock much like a guitar. The hardwood tone ring, flange, and back, are all glued and bound into one unit, forming a monolithic tone chamber that is acoustically very efficient.

By eliminating the thick wooden rim, bell bronze tone ring, zinc flange, coordinator rods, separate resonator, and related hardware, the weight and parts count goes way down. In fact, the Kunkel Banjo weighs less than 1/2 of the weight of a traditional bluegrass banjo.

Because of its unique design, it’s possible to provide a sound port in the rim. This feature not only increases the volume for the player to enjoy, but creates an ambient, radiating tone that fills the room.

I consider it a “world banjo” because it isn’t bound to any genre of music or style of playing. The lack of sharp edges and metal parts makes it more user friendly for guitarists and people who may have wanted to play the banjo, but were intimidated by it. My lightweight banjo is the one you’ll want to take along when you travel.

The Kunkel Banjo has become my “go to” banjo for all styles of playing.

It’s a Winner! (more)

Bruce J. Kunkel

The Kunkel Banjo
played by its inventor
Bruce J. Kunkel

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