Welcome to Kunkel Guitars

Bruce J. Kunkel, Master Luthier/ Designer and Creator of Art Guitars at the Gibson Custom Shop for ten years resigned in 2003 to build his own line of instruments under the Kunkel name. Although best known for his Lion Heart 16” flat top guitars that feature a heart-shaped sound hole and tapered headstock, Kunkel also produces traditional round sound hole acoustics.

Bruce’s Jazz Deco 17” arch top guitars are hand carved and inlaid in a motif reminiscent of the Golden Age. They are convertible from dual humbucking electric to purely acoustic. Newest to the Kunkel line is the 15” Nylon String acoustic/ electric hybrid. Featuring an arched fingerboard, deep cutaway and 14 frets to the body joint, this guitar is designed to be an easy transition for the steel string player to a classical style guitar. All Kunkel instruments are hand made by Bruce and are available in three levels of embellishment: Heartland, Noble Heart and Lion Heart; all with the same level of impeccable workmanship. More >>